Farad allows you to evaluate and share mathematical scripts while also handling units. Share the solution using the URL.

Thanks to the math.js library, the syntax can accept a wide array of inputs, including variable declarations, built-in functions, and universal constants.


This software is in an alpha release state and is provided as-is without warranty. Please report bugs here.


  • Single or multi-line input
  • Units
  • Operators
  • Custom functions
  • Universal constants
  • Inline comments using the hash # symbol e.g. # This is a comment
  • Share the exact script using the URL. Toggle the short link button and click Evaluate to get a pretty link. Link is displayed near the bottom of the output.
  • Set precision using the numeric input in the toolbar (1-15)

Script Library

Metric 6g6g thread profile tolerances per ISOURL




in and inch

Because in is an alias for inch and to (unit conversion) sometimes the parser cannot determine if the different between a negative unit and an incomplete unit conversion. If you run into this error, use inch instead of in.

- 3 in + 2 in will return an error, but - 3 inch + 2 in will work:

Unexpected type of argument in function to (expected: Array or DenseMatrix or Matrix, actual: number, index: 1)
-3inch+2in -1 inch
1intomm 25.4 mm
1ininmm 25.4 mm


All inputs are encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) over HTTPS. Results are not logged, but the hosting provider may retain additional information including your IP address. For incredibly sensitive applications, please use other software until an offline/local version of this calculator exists.