Mechanical design offerings.

I offer freelance research, artwork, and development services across most industries. While I do maintain and encourage long-term customer relationships, I am also available for small projects and one-off requests.


  • Requirements and planning - help identify the problem and develop criteria for success.
  • Concept design - generate initial design concepts.
  • Analysis - simulate and predict mechanical behavior using the finite element method and first principles.
  • Trade studies - evaluate industry options and provide recommendations for design decisions.


  • Industrial design - 2D and 3D concept art.
  • Templates - drawing formats and documentation.
  • Technical illustration - create detailed illustrations for assembly instructions, user manuals, and more.
  • Graphic design - title block logos, labeling, etc.


  • Prototype design - design for machining, sheet metal, injection molding, 3D printing, and others.
  • Productization - redesign components and systems for mass production and cost-reduction.
  • Fixtures and jigs - static and dynamic jigs for manufacturing and assembly.
  • Engineering drawings - produce detailed 2D mechanical drawings for your product.
  • Modeling - create and maintain robust parametric models for both small and large assemblies in Onshape, SOLIDWORKS, or Creo.
  • Consulting - adopt a risk-based Agile product development process.

I collaborate with other engineers to provide a full range of services. If you have a project that requires a skillset not listed above, I would be happy to refer you to another resource.

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